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Giulia Oliva

I have 10 years’ experience in end-to-end supply chain and operational improvement, my area of focus is operational efficiency and data analytics as a tool to make decisions and drive changes.

Experienced in end-to-end supply chain and operational improvement

My first job in supply chain was in the new Michael Kors EMEA office where I established new processes and coordinate distribution activities.

From 2015, I managed the EMEIA Customer Operations team at Burberry supporting the planning and merchandising division to achieve inventory efficiency and managing different projects such as the omni-channel initiative. Afterwards, I moved to the Supply Chain Development team, measuring and defining strategic KPIs and managing continuous improvement projects across the whole department (from sourcing to distribution).

Before joining Hatmill, I worked for 3 years as a freelance consultant, helping start-ups and mid-cup companies to achieve cost-saving and operational efficiency. Some of the projects include establishing S&OP procedures for a young enterprise and the restructuring of a mid-size steel manufacturing company. Some key achievements in my past projects include:


  • Inventory optimisation, resulting in a 9% decrease in stock holding
  • Cost-saving up to 32% for a range of consumer goods products
  • Achieved 98% in order fulfilment
  • Reduce response times to customer operations queries from 3 days to less than 24hrs



End-to-end supply chain data can help companies drive operational improvements. It’s important to consider quantitative as well as qualitative sources.

By improving their demand forecast, we helped one client save £3m in agency staffing costs (that’s an 18% reduction).
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