About us

Hatmill is a hands-on supply chain and logistics consultancy delivering improvements to warehouses, transport, forecasting and inventory, so clients become more profitable and transform their customers’ experience.

About Hatmill

Our Story

In our work, we’ve helped organisations to develop strategy, design, plan, project manage and implement large-scale, complex transformation projects such as warehouse automation, 3PL outsourcing, warehouse management systems and forecasting. Our clients include Royal Mail, Boots, Asda, Burberry, Sony, NHS Supply Chain, and Greggs. Established over ten years ago, we’ve grown our business through word-of-mouth. We’re proud of our track record, working with some of the UK’s leading and most trusted brands.

Simon Dixon, Founder of Hatmill

“I set up Hatmill in 2009 to provide clients with practical help with their supply chain problems. By 2011, I was turning down work, so decided to scale the business. While growing Hatmill I’ve been determined to create a culture that avoids the usual corporate traps and focuses on what’s important – for our clients and our team. A big part of that is designing work differently – so it works no matter what life stage you’re in or how you choose to spend your time outside work. Fundamental to the growth of Hatmill has been the ways of working. These have been developed through the copying of great practices used by consultancies I have worked for previously. I have also implemented the opposite of the bad practices experienced elsewhere. Hatmill’s culture matches that of ‘Teal’ businesses as researched by Fredrick La Loux in his book “Reinventing Organisations”.

While growing Hatmill I’ve been determined to create a culture that avoids the usual corporate traps and focuses on what’s important – for our clients and our team.

About Hatmill

Our way of working

As a ‘Teal’ organisation, Hatmill’s operating model is non-hierarchical and the team have significant influence over when and where they work, something that has boosted staff retention, morale and wellbeing. We’ve attracted experts who are attracted by the culture and operate a policy of only recruiting people from industry, which in turn benefits our clients. We have self-managing teams as the people closest to the challenge are best placed and motivated to decide how something should be managed and organised. Removing management allows the consulting team the freedom to address problems themselves, rather than passing challenges up the chain of command.

We carry no job titles as they serve no purpose in consulting organisations. We have clear values that guide the team in their decisions and behaviours; values that enable the team to check themselves and each other against. The team share in our financial success which motivates them to meet business objectives. The result is a culture focused on collaboration, shared values, peer feedback to improve client value and the delivery of successful projects.

Hatmill team standing outside

About Hatmill

Our Values

Our values shape the way in which we work with clients to make sure they are delighted with the outcome of any project we do together. We believe our core values make us a consultancy with the client at the heart of everything we do.

We are one team

We do not engage in internal politics. We offer and accept feedback, whether positive or formative, from our colleagues. We recognise this is the only way we will improve our performance.​

We build long term relationships with our clients

We benefit from long term relationships with our clients. We take an active interest in their career, their development and their progress. ​

What we do is better value than our competitors

Through keeping our operating costs to a minimum it enables us to deliver better value than others with higher overheads.

We are always honest with our clients

Our clients trust us to tell it like it is. We are not afraid of voicing our opinions.​

We only do projects we are capable of delivering

We are only as good as our last project. We ensure we only take on work we are confident we can deliver.​

We maintain the lowest cost to operate

Our clients do not value our overheads so we keep them to a minimum.​

We all share in the financial success of the business​

Our people are entirely responsible for our success, it is only fair that they benefit from the success of Hatmill.​

Doing good business is not just about financial success. We’ve always supported charities close to the hearts of our team with a variety of activities. Since 2019, we have been donating 1% of our profits to a charity chosen by the team.

About Hatmill

We are one team

All the team benefit from the financial success of Hatmill, through performance bonuses and a non-contributory share option scheme. Many of the team work virtually which reduces overheads. These cost savings can be passed onto clients. Hatmill compete against the big consultancy firms but one of the things that sets us apart is our relentless cost focus which means we are often better value than our competitors.

What our people say about us:

We’re all Consultants – one team. No hierarchies, no titles, no promotions.

Decisions are made by the project team who know the client best.

We deliver to exactingly high standards that we are mutually responsible for.

The best person for the job picks up the task regardless of age or experience.

We are the owners of our careers and destinies but supported in our ambitions.

Work with us

Interested? We’re always on the lookout for talented individuals who can play their part in the next stage of Hatmill’s growth. Please email jeff.roberts@hatmill.co.uk for a confidential discussion, or submit your CV here.

About Hatmill

Our team

We’re a team of supply chain and logistics specialists, who have all come from industry. 100% of our clients would recommend us to others.​

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